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Nailsea Community Trust was originally the creation of two prominent local citizens, Mr. Norman Baker and the late Mrs. Joyce Thatcher. Mrs. Thatcher made provision in her will for a gift for the benefit of Nailsea, and Mr. Baker used that bequest to establish the Trust in 1988, which is now registered as a limited company and charity. Over the years many residents with a strong community spirit have been Directors.

Since 1988 several bequests, donations and in recent years an annual allocation from Nailsea Town Council  have allowed the Trust to make grants for reasons of need, personal development, education and benefit to the community. More than 100,000 has been given in grants so far.

The Trust membership consists of twelve Director/Trustees. The roles of chairperson, secretary and treasurer are filled by these members. The Trust meets quarterly, with its AGM in July. There are sub-committees which meet on an as-needed basis. Officers and Trustees of the charity do not receive payments for their time and work on behalf of the Trust.

Grants have been awarded to support:

Local people in situations of hardship and distress, who have been in serious need of funds for essential repairs, household goods, or for items that would greatly improve their safety, health or quality of life.

Youth activity

Assisting education

Community projects


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